How much can Step 1 carry for ophthalmology?


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Jul 11, 2013
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    Not really feeling so hot this app cycle without aways and my cruddy app.

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    May 14, 2019
    1. Medical Student
      • STEP 1: 262, CK TBD after application
      • Only 2 H in Psych and Surgery rest HP
      • Mid tier Medical school in the Midwest (unfortunately not Iowa lol)
      • Barebones ECs (1 leadership position and some free clinic volunteering)
      • Below Average-Average Research: 4 Abstracts (3 ophtho, 1 non-ophtho), 2 ophtho papers in submission,
      • Will get a strong ophtho letter from my PI, not sure if I will get another ophtho letter or not.
      Not really feeling so hot this app cycle without aways and my cruddy app. I'm wondering if my step 1 can atleast carry me to match? I've heard that Step 1 isn't really that important for ophtho once you break past the 245 barrier but was advised that a year off would probably be a waste of time.....

      Will likely match at a strong program.

      If anything this should be a good cycle for you because no one is going to be doing aways and building connections/getting letters. So, step scores will likely hold a lot of weight because that is the main thing PDs can go by.
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      Feb 29, 2016
        I know ophtho is sort of its own little world but that sounds like a pretty solid app to me. If taking a research year would be a waste of time (meaning it is not a glaring weakness), and you clearly don't have any other weaknesses in your app, it sounds like you're pretty much ready to go. I would never say anyone is 100% going to match in any specialty, but mine is more competitive than ophtho and I would still give you really strong odds of matching in it.


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        Sep 30, 2016
        1. Medical Student
          Your weaknesses are your grades (probably slightly below average) and your school (not a weakness per se, just not a strength). Ophtho tends to not be too elitist with school caliber from my experience. Coming from a top top school will help - just take a look at the top programs and where the students hail from - but many folks match well above their school ranking. Everything else on your app is great.


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          May 21, 2020
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            This process makes us all doubt ourselves. You have a good application. It will be a crapshoot for top programs, but I think you are good for matching. Honor your sub-i and get any last minute research in.
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