How much Ochemistry should be mastered for the OAT?


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Jan 30, 2015
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My question is with regards to the OAT. Since all optometry schools only require one semster of organic chemistry as a prerequiestes, does the OAT cover Ochem 2 in depth? Should I not waste too much time with benzene,hydride, nucleophilic and alpha reactions?

I have procrastinated on taking my second semester of organic, so this is a really crucial question for me.

I need some solid input here. Especially from those who already took the OAT and understood the organic portion.

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I personally think organic 2 is a little bit more important organic 1 in oat. I took my test last month, there are few questions about benzene ( one of the most important topic ), and even a question about IR and NMR. So yes, you need to know everything.
Yeah I can't believe orgo two isn't requires. I wouldn't have got through the o a t if it wasn't for that class. And I alnost didn't take it but I DEFINITELY would
I didn't take organic chem 2 but still had my textbook that my university uses for organic 1 and 2 so I just taught it to myself and did well. It would have helped a lot to have taken it but it wasn't necessary for me