Aug 4, 2009

Sorry my bad english (I'm a Brazilian), but I want to ask something about tomography.

I'm 19 years old and 2 months ago (01/06) I get a bullectomy cirurgy to solve a spontaneous pneumothorax. One month later (01/07) I make a tomography to see if the cirurgy works. Doctor says that the opered left lung is just fine, but the tomography shows two little air blisters (I don't know if this is te correct term) with less than 1 centimeter of area on the right lung. Because of this two stable little air blisters the doctor do not let me back to pratice of martial arts. Fair. He tell me to wait one more month to repeat the tomography and see what happened with this two little air blisters. And here we are, August 4 (more than a month) and the doctor just say to me that is to soon to make another tomography. Say to me to step aside of martial arts for more 1 or 2 months.

I don't know why he change is mind, but he guarantee me that the tomography will be in this month and now he says me to wait more 2 months.

Now, my questions: how often can you take the tomography exam?
Is the conduct of my doctor correct (say one thing, suddenly say another one. And yes, this last probably is a frustration question)?

It's kind a urgency to me know about this questions, if anyone can colaborate I will appreciate that.

- Luís Fernando S. M. Silva
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