How should I add the school in my application that I attended for undergrad 10 years ago and post-bacc now?

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May 22, 2024
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Currently I have added my undergrad school twice. One entry from 2008-2013 and one from 2023-now.

It doesn't feel quite right. But it also doesn't feel right to have "Dates Attended : September 2008 to June 2024" if I keep it as 1 entry.

Adding it twice generated another transcript ID, making me think it should be consolidated.

A semi-related question: When I sent the transcripts to AMCAS, I hadn't registered for my summer quarter class. Now, my official transcript has that class pending on it. Should I resubmit my transcripts for such a small update?

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Good question! Just do 1 entry. 2008-2024. Resubmit and add current classes so adcoms know what you’re up to.
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