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I am preparing for the august mcat. I am taking the kaplan mcat course and i was wondering how i should keep on studying. For the VR i'm doing passages and reading. I am putting in alot of extra time in the PS. Should i learn the kaplan book cold or should i just have a general understanding. My goal is to learn all the formulas cold and how they relate. For the BS i'm not really worried because i think i know biology and organic pretty well even though i am putting some good time in. I plan to learn the material cold first and then start taking practice exams. I will start taking practice exams besides the given kaplan a month before the mcat. Can i please get any suggestions on what to change in my way of studying plan or if i should alter it. I feel that i worry too much for any test and now especially for the mcat. I hope i just have to take it once. Any suggestions? i would appreciate it. Thanks


Depends on your study habits... I made note cards of all the important info. in Kaplan's books, memorized the note cards, and basically doubled my score. Many people don't take this approach because it requires a month of solid work. However, you will notice in the end, that when you get the basics down, the mcat is actually easier than college exams
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