how should i study?


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Mar 2, 2002
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    i am a post-bacc student. i just completed 2 semesters of chemistry, and nothing else. i would like to use the summer to begin studying for the mcat so that i can get my feet wet for future courses and because i don't have anything else to do this summer and don't want to lose what little intellectual inertia i have.

    i'd like to buy a review book, and i'm probably going to buy a used one. i've read the opinions here about kaplan vs. examkrackers vs. princeton review--does anyone have any advice to give me about which one might work best for early learning/review?

    thanks for your help--good luck everyone!


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    Apr 23, 2002
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      I started studying for the mcat after a year of chemistry also. I bought a review book (Peterson's Gold Standard MCAT) and reviewed chemistry throughout the summer so it would stay fresh for when I got down to the real mcat studying later on. I wouldnt take a review course until you have taken the rest of the pre-med requirements though. The stuff they teach you is very concise and will be hard to learn for the first time. You have plenty of time to study for the mcat, so i wouldnt worry about it too much until you have taken the other premed requirements. Just concentrate on doing well in those classes so when the time to study comes, it will be much easier to review.

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      Apr 21, 2002
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        I'd say get a whole set of Princeton Review books (the ones they give out to their enrolled students). You can get them on Ebay. You don't have to get 2002. I think 1999-2002, they're all the same. And read their chapters, take notes & practice passages as much as you can. Kaplan reviews books don't come with much practice material in my opinion. I think they make it computerized, so that you have to enroll in their classes. Princeton gives out everything. Once you start taking Physics, Bio & O Chem, read the material & do the practice passages as you go. I think it'll help tremendously in your classes, especially if your classes are conceptual base. Check out Ebay regularly to get extra practice material from any course. For verbal, start reading & practice passages NOW. Get familiarize with MCAT style verbal passages & do lots & lots of extra reading in various subject areas. Hope it help. You can PM me if you have any question.
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