How solid are these numbers?

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Nov 26, 2014
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Hey guys. I appreciate any advice or tips you have for me applying to medical school. I am applying in June. I am planning on going to D.O. school and I will apply pretty much only to D.O. schools.

26 on the MCAT (10VR, 9BS, 7PS) I might retake it before it changes, but honestly, I think I did well enough and I don't want to study again.. If I can get in with a 26, I'm gravy.

I go to BYU. sGPA 3.07, GPA 3.38. Over the last 4 semesters though, my science gpa has improved and been closer to a 3.4 ish.

Fluent in Spanish (I'm white) ( did a Service mission to El Salvador)

I don't have research experience, and I probably won't get any since I'm graduating in April.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

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You have a shot at most DO schools except for CCOM, AZCOM, the NY and CA Touros, and Western. If you can keep your upward trend going, things will look up for you.
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You are in a pretty good position for DO schools. Try to get that sGPA to the 3.2-3.3 range.