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How to calculate some business expenses?

The PA Investor

Full Member
Jan 21, 2020
So I have another job that pays me with 1099. I drive to multiple sites, use my phone and internet for work, and chart at home on my personal laptop How do I calculate the following business expenses?

phone and data
depreciation of car
depreciation of laptop
depreciation of cell phone? (not sure if that's real or not but correct me if I'm wrong)
miles traveled for inter-facility commuting

And any other business expenses that you can think of would be great. Thank you.
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Full Member
10+ Year Member
Oct 28, 2007
  1. Dentist
I am not an accountant! This is how I would do it...
1) Get a new phone/phone plan/laptop/internet account. Put all that stuff in the name of your business. (NOT your personal name.) Save all the bill in you business expense file. Pay all these bills by check from your business checking account to help make your tax deduction paperwork easy.
2) Start a log of miles traveled for business. Be diligent! Don't leave any trips unnoted. This one can all up to ton of $ over a year's time.
3) Rent is a little tricky. You can write off a home office but the rules are funny and change from time to time. I would not try to nickel-dime this issue.
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