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How to get a scribe job in LA/OC?

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Apr 30, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hey all, I’m looking to get started at a scribe job at the end of June after I graduate in the LA or OC area. Preferably somewhere between Santa Monica and Newport Beach. Does anyone know what websites I can use to land a job in one of these areas ASAP? I’ve applied to every region that works for me through Scribe America a couple days ago. I’ve also applied to places using Indeed.com. Checked Scribe Kick, but they don’t have any openings in California. Does anyone know of any other websites that facilitate scribe hiring? Does anyone know if these openings are on hold due to COVID-19? Should I send emails to private practices and big hospitals? How long does it generally take for Scribe America to get back to you?
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