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Non-traction in Non-Trad forum, so thought I would try here:

Incoming M1 non-trad with little science background outside of high school science classes and my recent post-bacc. My original degree is in social sciences and I have worked as a teacher for about a decade. My hard science research exposure basically boils down to the papers and projects I did in my post-bacc classes the last two years and a small research project with my biochem prof that ended early due to covid.

Does anyone have any advice or resources to suggest that can help me build a better functional understanding of how to do the types of research projects that medical students often undertake?

I am very interested in psychiatry but realize that it is too early for me to know what I like due to lack of knowledge about many specialties. I want to keep options open and understand that research is a big deal for certain specialties. I would like to hit the ground running when school starts this summer and be ready for research opportunities that may arise. Thank you in advance!
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