How to Prepare for Rotations?


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  1. Pharmacist
    I"m pretty sure that would be a smart idea.

    Definitely look over pressors and inotropes.

    think about other comorbid disease states. Maybe go over IV-PO dosing of meds available both ways (Labetalol, Metoprolol, Furosemide, even pressors to pseudoephedrine)

    STEMI vs NSTEMI treatments

    ******ANTICOAGULATION******* (cannot stress that enough)
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    1. Pharmacist
      Yep, I would strongly suggest reviewing relevant notes. The better idea you have of what you are doing, the less overwhelming the first week is going to be. You will probably have more than enough reading with different guidelines, a journal club, a presentation, or whatever else your rotation might have you do your very first week, so it helps to get a head start.
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