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Jun 9, 2002
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So, it seems that passing the NBDE is a lot more difficult for foreigners trying to get their license. (this does make sense of course). Anyway, can anyone who has studied a lot and done well on the NBDE part 1 give me some advice on what is the best way to study for this? There is so much information. Any other ideas besides using dental decks and Kapaln? What's the best way to re-learn/remember this material? Thanks so much for your help!


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Jul 24, 2002
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Hi there,

The nice thing about the Dental Decks and old exams is that they narrow down the areas where you need to study.

The approach I used was to look through the Dental Decks first, then go to the textbooks for details on the topics covered by the Decks. And going through the old exams got me comfortable with how the boards ask the questions. In just two months I was ready for the Part I.

My score was 88.

Good luck!
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