How to study OChem


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Sep 30, 2002
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i hear ya on the orgo trip..........when I was studying, I really didn't try to memorize every minute detail. As far as reagents, I only worked to memorize certain 'biggies', such as oxidizing and reducing agents to name a few. I more worked to have a general understanding of how things work (ex, nucleophilic, electrophilic reactions, carbonyl chemistry, yada yada) so as to recognize types of reactions with what you are given. I say study it all (not memorize it all....thats frickin' crazy), and then go back and concentrate on the stuff that you feel needs some work

Now as far as spectroscopy goes, you might wanna memorize stuff like some IR peaks (mainly carbonyl, water, nitrogen, maybe substitued ring peaks) and work on some NMR stuff.
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