How to study the week before MCAT

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Lindsey Freeman

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Nov 20, 2013
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Hey everyone,

I have ~ 2 and a half weeks before I take my test, but I was wondering how you guys have studied the week of your test? I have multiple friends who have told me only to study a few hours (reading missed questions, doing 1-2 timed passages at a time), so significantly less than I have been, to not get burnt out.

Is this the general consensus?

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I spent that week getting my head organized. I wouldn't recommend testing during the week, but you should be doing passages to stay sharp. Don't let anything hurt your confidence. More than anything else, get good sleep! I would make summary notes using the topics AAMC list and referencing TBR materials. Go in ready both mentally and physically.
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Flash cards are great review in the week before the test. Look over those equations, hormones and other "strictly memorization" things. This is also a good time to reflect on the lessons you picked up along the way. For example, one of mine in verbal reasoning was to take each word literally and don't make unsubstantiated assumptions. Keep those in the front of your mind. If you have a morning test, wake up early every day that week to get your body into that mode. Also you can't expect to make up for a sleep debt in one day so start getting enough sleep at the beginning of the week.
I watched MCAT videos (like the ones here, esp. Chad videos the "youtubes" listed toward the bottom, ), and I watched and/or listened to motivational videos on youtube. I also found ways to relax and have some fun: I played video games, called friends, went on walks in beautiful places I don't visit often, etc.
My test is this Saturday, and I'm still reviewing and doing passages...maybe I'm doing something wrong. Will definitely take the day before off though!