How to turn an okay DAT score, into a great score? Retake

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Mar 19, 2024
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hi guys! canadian pre-dental here.
my cGPA is a 3.92, and my previous cDAT score was a 21AA, 21PAT (21 bio, 22 chem, 21 pat, 21 rc), however, ill be rewriting my DAT this summer (April - end of june) in order to improve my scores, which is the feedback I got from uoft. when I studied last time (took my DAT sept 2022), I used DATCrusher (made for the Canadian dat) and chads videos (really liked them). i spent way too much time reading notes, making my own, etc, and overall didn't have much discipline/a proper routine and sleep schedule to follow. i also got covid the 2nd month i was studying, so i had to stop studying for around 2-3 weeks to recover, which i believe also had an impact. for bio, i used anki here and there, but never consistently, so that's definitely the first thing i will be doing for this retake. I've used anki in my undergrad courses, and found it really helpful for them! i also have bought DATDestroyer for the bio/chem questions, will also be purchasing DATCrusher as well. for the Canadian dat, we don't have orgo or QR, so id appreciate any tips for any of the other sections, and how I can increase my scores, ideally 23/24AA+, aiming for doing my best! i know my previous scores were okay for western (4.0 best 2 years), and i did interview with them this cycle, however unfortunately, did not make it past the interview stage - since my DAT is expiring, i guess this is the perfect time to make myself more competitive again for both schools!

my plan was to: spend first 3 weeks with learning the content again, using Anki, practice problems, videos for biology, and using Chads videos + his general chemistry course for Chemistry + study notes on crusher + my own that i made from last time. practice PAT everyday 30min-1hr, and alternate RC. I'm just wondering if chem/bio is something i should also do everyday, or how i should kinda schedule things? would love any advice on this as well!

i also think i wont bother to read feralis once more, but instead use my own master docs that i created from each chapter.

thank you!

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Anything over 20 is good. As a practicing dentist DAT score is not a good indicator of how great of a dentist you will become. Most of the kids in my class with very high DAT scores were great at memorizing, but had very poor hand skills. Haha.