how to write a letter of intent

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Aug 3, 2003
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hi everybody-

what is the form for writing a letter of intent, and to whom do I address it? I've heard its worthwhile to send one if the school is by far your top choice and you've interviewed, as is my case.

Please help me out!


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can anyone please help out, im in the same boat...thanx.
I didn't exactly write a letter of intent per se, but I did write a letter to my #1 choice informing them of this and detailing all the reasons why the school and I would be a great match. I made it concise, bullet-point format and addressed it to the Dean of Admissions.
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do a lot of people send in LOI after interviewing? i thought they were supposed to be sent in if u were waitlisted

anyway, what does the format of these letters look like?
It's basically as stated above. you can do bullet-point. if you want to be more formal, which i prefer, you can write a three paragraph statement saying why you want to go there. try to hit curriculum, research, intl opp, clinical opps, etc. be specific to their program...then do a little closing statement kissing butt...