how Undergraduate school affect your admission ?

Discussion in 'hSDN' started by swaglhighlevel, Sep 24, 2014.

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  1. swaglhighlevel

    swaglhighlevel Banned Banned

    Jul 18, 2014
    I want to become a dentist, i know it depends about your GPA ,DAT activities and community services.
    I want to ask how people choose their undergraduate on which base you choose at the end of your high school year to attend school A instead of school B. (no one of my family graduate from high school, or attend a college) that's why i don't know how to choose one. I'm actually religious and i want to go to a christian school, it's my dream since junior high but because the cost of education. it's almost impossible attachFull185746

    I live in CA, my question now "How undergraduate school help you to attend a dental school?". I don't have much money, so right now i have two choice:

    Choice A:

    I'm leaning towards doing my first two years of my pre-dental at a community college and then transferring over to a public university in CA to finish things up.
    Would starting out at a community college really come to bite me in the back later when I'm applying for dental schools though? especially i might take 1 year bio, 1 year organic and inorganic chem at CC

    Choice B
    is to attend a local school, it's actually a CSU, (this not a comparison btw CSU or UC ) it cost only 7,625 for the year, but can i know that this school have a big pre-dental community or the adviser are professional and would help
    i check their website and it's from 2011, and the links are old and they doesn't give any information about there organization or if anyone attend a dental school from this school, and the adviser told me when you become a freshman and got admitted we will assist you, but you're not a student so we will not be able to guide you. upload_2014-9-24_17-47-34.png upload_2014-9-24_17-47-34.png
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  3. Evisju7


    Feb 3, 2014
    Go to a university first!
  4. AlyssaRof2012

    AlyssaRof2012 5+ Year Member

    Mar 5, 2012
    If you can do all 4 years at a university, I'd do that. To a lot of professional schools community college classes are not as rigorous.

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