How/when to make Anki cards? Planning on starting to use them for bio classes next semester.

Nov 24, 2019
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I've heard such great things about Anki, and I think I will give it a shot next semester for Biology and Physiology, courses that are concept-heavy. My semester is very STEM-heavy, and I am in desperate need of better study methods. My past methods included making study guides and re-reading them over and over, doing practice problems if Professor provided them, but that has only gotten me B+'s and A-'s. So, I've heard Anki is very useful, but I'm wondering how/when do you guys make the cards? Do you make it right after every lecture and keep reviewing them up until test day? How exactly do you use them when studying and what is the most effective way to use them? I'm also taking Organic Chem, but I think doing actual practice problems will be better than Anki... thoughts?
Dec 29, 2019
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  1. Pre-Medical
I used them last semester for my anatomy/physiology class which was set up in a way where my professor posted lecture slides and notoriously only read off the slides for her lecture videos. I had my book open while I was going through the lecture notes and made an anki deck out of each section based on the terms in the Powerpoint and whatever supplemental information I found in the book. You can look into making cloze cards and other interesting and useful cards (there's a bunch of anki blogs) but I just used my decks like normal flashcards and utilized anki's spaced repetition. I think it is most beneficial if you review every day until your exam after you make the deck from your notes/lectures/etc
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