Howard wait list

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Feb 18, 2005
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I was placed on Howard waitlist in late April. I called them to inquire and they can not tell me anything about the waitlist. Not even my number or how many on the list. :smuggrin: :mad: I wish they would stop jerking me around and decide soon so I can move on. Anyone out there on the waitlist?

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Hey Im on the waitlist for two schools since April. I have called them as well, they cannot give me a ranking or anything. I was asking did any spots open up but there was no information that they could give me. All I did was sent in my spring grades and IM hoping for the best!
Good luck
For the people on the Howard waitlist what kind of stats did you have to get on the waitlist ? such as GPA, PCAT score, pharmacy experience, and did you already have an interview ? I plan to apply for 2006. :)