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Jul 18, 2002
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I've been lurking for a couple of months and wanted to introduce myself, as I will actually start pre-med classes come Monday. I'm excited and motivated to start this new chapter of life.

About me: living in Iowa, turned 30 this year, currently in marketing/advertising and tired of it. After much reflection and thought (and a whitewater kayaking trip), I came up with medicine. I've talked with everyone I know in the medical field and even spent a few days shadowing an MD in his family practice and during hospital rounds. I think I finally found what I want to be when I grow up.

I've done my research (much of it reading through all these forums on SDN--what an amazing resouce!) about what i'm getting into and i'm still ready to do this. The next decade of my life will be about getting an M.D. and beginning a practice... or at least completing residency!

Not much else... just wanted to finally say hi and thanks for all the help so far!

Oh, yeah... I enjoy playing and watching ice hockey, most music (currently on an ambient/minimalistic kick--think Brian Eno and Phillip Glass), reading and writing fiction, and playing with my cats. My turnoffs are bad TV (which is most of it), hairy backs on women, and Brussels sprouts.

And, just for redundancy's sake, I have an interest in medicine.;)
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