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    Is anyone currently doing an OBGYN residency in either the of the army, navy, or air force hospitals, or practicing OBGYN in active service?

    If so, how do you like/dislike your residency/active service, and were there any surprises along the way as far as matching into your residency and salary?

    Which do you think is the best way to go for OBGYN: army, navy, or air force?

    I think I really want to go into OBGYN, and there seem to be plenty of opportunities in the military, yet I know virtually nothing of the military side of things but I'm interested.

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    Hi- I am the wife of "republicandr", but I can tell you that I have read up a lot on the HPSP option since my husband is considering a military route for paying for his medical school. In my research, I came across a forum for the spouses at www.medicalspouse.com/forum

    One of the posters on that forum is the wife of a OBGYN who did the HPSP and they are almost done with their residency. She posts lots of info on that option, and seems receptive to PM if you have specific questions. From what we see, an OBGYN residency in the military seems to be a good deal. Actually, with the horrendous malpractice I don't see why people wouldn't just want to be military docs in the OBGYN field. Deployments are rare, anyway.

    Hope that helps-

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