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Jan 31, 2013
  1. Pre-Medical
    This is a post about my application process for HPSP. I think some of my lessons learned might help future applicants.

    Quick rundown about me:
    Accepted to a couple DO schools
    MCAT 27
    GPA ~3.2
    Currently in the Navy (officer)

    The process to get a package together is very time consuming, and takes a while to get through the pipeline. In other words start early, and don't apply if you are not certain that you want to join the military. Enlisted you need the conditional release form approved by your command, officers your resignation really does take forever. Officers need a contingent resignation letter to be approved (it does take a couple months like 7 to 8 in my case). Priors you actually have to do slightly more work to apply then non-priors, but at least you already have an idea of how long this process takes.

    I started to apply for the Navy HPSP/HSCP back in September. I finally boarded in December, and didn't get either of the scholarships. I got in contact with some people pretty high up, and got some answers to why. I was pretty much told that the Navy has plenty of outstanding applicants, and usually packages with 30+ MCAT are selected these days. I was also informed the days of accepting all priors no matter there scores are gone. When I was on OHARP in 2007 things were truly different. If you had a pulse and were accepted to medical school you got a scholarship.

    I ended up turning around and putting in application with the Army. My package was routed a little quicker, since my old recruiter gave my new recruiter almost all my info. I am lucky that they work together and I was boarded in Jan. I am very happy to say that I have been preliminary selected for Army HPSP. Remember the Army has more HPSP scholarships than any other service. I also get the feeling they still really look out for the priors. But if you want to apply to a service then find a way to apply to that service, you cannot get accepted unless you apply.

    Just like what many other people have stated on this site. If you want to join the military via HPSP you should apply early, and if you are fine with any branch apply to all three. There is nothing that stops a person from applying to multiple branches. If you are prior officer get your contingent resignation letter in approx 10-12 months prior to start date of school. The contingent resignation also allows you to accept the scholarship from whatever service selects you no matter if it is USUHS or HPSP. Just make sure that your orders get written appropriately. Pardon the bad grammar, and hopefully this information helps some future candidates.


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    Apr 29, 2011
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      If you are an officer and just resign regularly because your obligation is up you won't need a conditional letter to apply. Also, if you are an officer in the reserves your conditional release is only from your commanding officer. I didn't plan it all out that way, but I was late to the decision and there was no way to do prereqs while on active duty for my last tour so I went into the reserves to take them.
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