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Oct 18, 2011
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    These questions may have already been asked...and answered however I did not spot them as I browed the threads so if they are out there somewhere I would be happy to be pointed in that direction! If not...I have a few questions about getting the AFHPSP. My undergrad is in Psychology and I want to use the scholarship to get the Master of Science in Public Health as that is the field I would like to be in within the AF. My GPA would make me eligible for automatic acceptance however I do not know what else I would need for the public health field (for example med students have to score high enough on the MCAT and dental students the DAT) Does anyone know about this particular field? Also, I have read and heard that you should not talk to the recruiters...how else do you go about applying? I have had trouble getting recruiters to even talk to me so far. Finally, my husband is AD Air Force right now...would I still need a waiver to do this like I would if I were to just apply to OTS? Thanks to anyone who can give me some information!
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