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Feb 22, 2008
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  1. Medical Student
With the help of several of you on this board and many, many people in real life I have decided to leave my current job (i'm a mechanical engineer) and pursue a career in medicine.

Step one is picking up the few remaining (undergraduate) classes I must take, and a few others for good measure. I live not far out of the city, and I know Hunter has a good reputation so I will be commuting. I'm not a candidate for their official post-bac program because I have too many of the classes already completed (from my BS in ME), but would I still have those same teachers and be in the same classes with the students who are in the post-bac program?

Lastly, does anyone have experience with Hunter's science department? I'm looking at which teachers to seek out or avoid for stuff like organic chem, Bio II, and Biochem.

Anyone have any insider knowledge to share with me?

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