Hyperplasia or Neoplasm? -HPV

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Nov 6, 2003
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Ok, I massively need some help! I've looked in 5+ books and none have really answered this question about an HPV case.

The case presents This 20-year-old woman sought medical attention because of "growths" on her vulva and perineum. She was 5-months pregnant and had noted a yellow vaginal discharge for 4 months.Multiple raised growths ranging in size from 0.2 to 2.0 cm in diameter on the perineum, vulva, and perianal skin.

Ok, and the picture--it's definitely Condyloma acumulata.

However, two questions I'm having terrible difficulty answering:
Does this process represent hyperplasia or a benign neoplasm? Evidence?
Unfortunately I've found answers saying both---I tend to think it's a benign neoplasm, but many definitions for a neoplasm state it should come from 'clonal expansion'. And with this in mind---then I think hyperplasia.

And then the follow-up question: is a wart 'neoplasia' or 'hyperplasia'? Gosh, everything tends to point to hyperplasia, but then a nevus is considered a 'benign neoplasm'.

Can someone help me sort this out? Much appreciated.

--baffled M2