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i can't stand shaq!!!

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - DO' started by jhug, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. jhug

    jhug 1K Member 10+ Year Member

    Nov 11, 2001
    Valley o' the sun
    the guy is the o.j. of the NBA!!!! he gets away with murder every single time he is near the ball!!! he posts up in the paint for as long as it takes to get the ball and then he runs over or jumps on top of anyone who gets in the way of the rim. He's 7 feet tall, how in the world does he ever miss a shot being that close to the rim!!??!! The only good thing about him is that he is so huge that his body is going to give out on him sooner so i don't have to live with watching/hearing how lousy of a player he is!
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  3. Toejam

    Toejam Terminal Student 7+ Year Member

    May 12, 2002
    35 miles from Pomona
    I'm a former Laker fan finding myself rooting for the NETS! Shaq's a decent enough guy, but I find it exceedingly boring to watch him constantly break all the china in the shop every time he's got the ball!! The other guy the Lakers have, Kobe, is so full of himself (and never, ever commits a foul) that I just can't stand it!!

    I miss Magic, Worthy, Jabbar, Cooper, Scott...Rambis? Yeah, even Rambis. I read in the L.A. Times today that Kurt Rambis has the highest field goal percentage of any player in (I think) the NBA playoffs or finals. It was some kind of record. Pretty friggin' funny!
  4. Atlas

    Atlas Senior Member 10+ Year Member

    Feb 27, 2001
    Columbus, OH
    I'm rooting for the underdog (the nets) this year. Shaq (in my opinion) is a great, yet over-rated player. I think he's an even better person. He gives to people all the time. One time, he went into a gas station in L.A., and bought every person in the store lottery tickets! I got a kick out of that. Plus, I saw on this TV show that he bought a poor gentleman a brand new Lexus because he didn't want the guy to have to drive on the interstate in his beat-up, old truck. Shaq's heart is bigger than his shoes. I'm just tired of the Lakers and would like to see an upset. That would stir things up a little. Peace
  5. mddo2b

    mddo2b STOP PAGING ME....PLEASE! 7+ Year Member

    Apr 5, 2001
    I agree, I can't stand watching Shaq push people around and then bitch and moan when he is pushed back. All I can say is LETS GO NETS!!!!
  6. BamaAlum

    BamaAlum 10+ Year Member

    Jun 5, 2001
    As a Lakers Fan I have to stick up for my boy Shaq. He's is the most dominant player in basketball. He was a monster at LSU just as he is now. He creates such a matchup problem on the block that the only hope you have is that he'll miss or foul him, which doesn't seem to be working lately since he's shooting above 70% from the line the last few games. Just because crybabies like Vlade flop all over the floor doesn't mean Shaq is a bully. He gets hammered all the time and doesn't get the call. Is it his fault that he outweighs other post players by 40-50 lbs? Anyway, the Nets don't stand a chance. They'll be lucky to take one. GO LAKERS!!!
  7. Dr. MAXY

    Dr. MAXY Senior Member 7+ Year Member

    Mar 13, 2002
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    I agree with you guys. The guy gets away with pushing people around, but when someone touches or breath on him, it's a foul.
    That's why I'm currently not a big basketball fun. A game been dominated by a biggets, tallest guy (SHAQ). However, in Soccer the game that I love, it doesn't matter how big, tall, huge you are, you dominate cos you got skills and can play. Players like Pele, Maradona, etc didn't dominate because they were bigger than anybody else.
    MAn, I missed watching Jordan, Magic, Isiah, Bird etc cos they dominated cos they got skills, not because they can run people over. IMO, Lakers are a great team, but they are not an entertaining team to watch.
    Watching Shaq, is like watching a 20yr old dominating 10 yr olds.
  8. drusso

    drusso Physician Moderator Emeritus Lifetime Donor Classifieds Approved 10+ Year Member

    Nov 21, 1998
    Over the rainbow
    Moving to the lounge...

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