I have questions about application process.


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Jun 30, 2005
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I have been thinking that keeping up good GPA, acing DAT, getting 3 recommendations from professors, enough shadow hrs and recommendation from dentist, research and volunteer experience with extracurricular activities are all I need.

I just visited pre-health website in my university and the pre-health advisor wants me to do several other stuffs that I've never heard of.
They are MSAC interview, pre-application...etc.
MSAC stands for Medical Sciences Advisory Committee.

The website says
"applying to programs in these health professions programs without an MSAC composite letter of evaluation will be considered as a "red flag" and jeopardize your chances in gaining admission"

Did you guys all have to go thru Medical Sciences Advisory Committee interview and fill out pre-application? and what else were needed besides what I listed above? I just don't want to miss out anything or do it too late.

And I have volunteer experience at a public library, but it seems that all the volunteer information in pre-health is pointing out the experience from a hospital.
Does volunteering at a public library look bad?


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May 24, 2007
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your list sound pretty good to me. just make sure everything gets into aadsas on time including the rec letters (although it won't hold your app back on aadsas's part, your app will remain incomplete at the schools if they aren't there)

i've never heard of MSAC and i managed to get in this cycle so i dont think you'll need it.. maybe it's like a committee letter? my school didnt have it so i just asked my 3 profs & a dentist to send in the letters directly to aadsas and it worked fine.

and the volunteer experience in library sounds fine to me. my volunteer experience was mostly teaching little kids, etc.
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