I think i really need some advice

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Feb 1, 2013
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firstly i am sorry to write such a long text i hope it wont be boring.

I am in a very depressing situation right now and frankly i do not have the faintest idea how to got out of this situation so i need your help/advice.

As background info:
I studied molecular biology and electronic& communication engineering (Double Major) and have a B.Sc. in electronic & communication engineering (stopped molecular biology after second year) from a technical university overseas (best one in my country if it can change anything). with (2.8/4.00 GPA my gpa is effected because i worked all the time during my undergrad.)

after my Bsc i continued studying electronics and now i also have a M.Sc. in Electronic Communication and Computer Engineering from one of the top universities of UK. with distinction (something like 3.9/4.00 GPA equivalent)

I always wanted to be a doctor but as i study in university it always looked so hard to leave everything and start studying medicine. I hated it through all phases but sad part i thought i will start to like it somehow at the end. Well i am at the end right now. after graduating with M.Sc. in electronic communication and computer engineering i still found myself hating what i study and keep thinking about "I made an irreversible, very very big mistake" by not studying medicine"

Now i realised that i wont be happy with my life if i wont make this change. I think i can only complete myself by being a doctor. I tried to escape it, tried to be happy with what i got but no chance.

So I want to make a change about my depressing situation and study medicine.

But there is lots of obstacles.

I am not a US or UK citizen and i do not have any money to fund medical school. I am ok with getting loans but i am not sure i can get one without being a US/UK citizen. In my country it is not possible to get such student loans.

Also i can not study medicine in my country because i should complete a mandatory military service to apply a second undergrad school. Which is 1.5 years.

Lastly, i am 26 and i am feeling old to start all this hassle.

If you inform/advice me about the path i should follow. Possiblities of taking student loan without being a citizen/resident of US/UK. In summary if show me a path or basicly say no dude it is not possible just leave this dream. I will be really happy.

Thanks for your help from now.

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That's a tough one. It's might possible in the long term, but it'll involve a lot of work on your end.

I need more information to answer this though and you can just pm me if you don't feel comfortable posting on here:

What country do you have citizenship to?
Can you get funding to get another MSc in the UK?
Did you go to any of these schools (https://services.aamc.org/AMCAS2_2010/WebApp/Help/WebHelp/ForeignCoursework.htm)? If you did, some of your coursework may transfer. Otherwise, you'd need to retake the prerequisites.

I have other questions, but it depends on your answers to the previous ones.
I'm not sure about the UK, but it's next to impossible to get a spot in a US med school without being a citizen or a permanent resident, even if you are a stellar applicant. In addition, only US citizens and permanent residents qualify for US federal student loans, which means that even if you did get in you would have to secure private loans. Sorry.
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Become a U.S. permanent resident and then apply to American med schools. You can be 35 and apply. They don't care about age. They care about your reasons for going into medical school and for career changers, they want to know why you can't find fulfillment in your previous career. You may have to re-do pre-requisites and you will definitely have to do the MCAT. Re-doing coursework and writing the MCAT will take 2 years full time. Even in the situation where your coursework transfers, some schools require that you have studied in the USA for a couple of years.

Or stay in the U.K., become a resident, get a doctorate in something you are interested in and have a respectable, stable career in academia or industry? This is the less risky option that could still lead to a fulfilling, respectable, stable and financially well-paying career. There is more than one path to happiness.