May 30, 2016
I played around during freshman and sophomore year due to many distractions at a big school. My GPA was 2.4 by the end of soph year. I then transferred to a smaller school (for junior and senior year), I repeated some classes, and my GPA at this school is now 3.6 (improvement). Iam graduating in december.

However, if i add up everything, I have a 3.2 science GPA, 3.3 cumulative GPA. With a 2.5GPA from the old school, and a 3.6GPA at the new school. I going to take the MCAT, which im studying hard for. What are my chances of gettting into DO or MD school?


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Jul 15, 2015
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I'm no expert, but I feel like the general answer you are going to get is something like this:

All of this will depends on a solid MCAT (shoot for 505+ for DO and 508+ for MD; the higher the better.) Your upward trend will help you.

MD: You may have a chance at your state MD schools, but not a very good chance for OOS MD
DO: Typically if you are 3.30+ with both gpa's you'll have a good shot at interviews if you apply early and broadly. That is not to say you wouldn't have a chance as is, it is just a goal to shoot for.

1.) If you have time to bump that sgpa above a 3.3, do it. If you are looking DO, remember they do grade replacement. This can be very helpful for gpa improvement.
2.) Do your absolute best on the MCAT.
3.) Apply early and broadly

This is assuming you have standard EC's.