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Jan 12, 2004
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I learnt about this forum from my friend who has been admitted into the 04 IDP program. Now having said that I have some questions that probably can be answered by present and past IDP students and I would appreciate honest replies:

a) What is the course structure of the program and is it competitive and am I going to learn something new which is different, challenging and worth the investment of time and above all money.

b) Following up on the previous question -- how intensive is the program? Is it a 8-5 program or more an advanced program with school for half a day and thats it or is it like the graduate program where we take x credit hours and possibly put in 2x time for assignments.

c) Is there after school work -- like lab procedures and how many hours do we spend on it on an average?

d) Are there any after school activites that enhances my overall growth outside dentistry and is interaction with regular DDS students encouraged and emphasized -- else left in the lurch and just being fellow IDP students (that would suck as it regularly results in groupism etc)

d) What is the impression of the IDP students among the faculty -- meaning can someone interested in research find an associate assistantship (paid/otherwise) with a prof associated with a research lab within the school?

I have many more unknowns that seem to have slipped my thought process since typing up this mail. Is there a way I can modify this thread tomorrow if something lights up in my system ......

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