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Jul 28, 2004
Does anyone have a quick and dirty excel spreadsheet for the more common stains and what they're used for/description. I already know about pathologyoutlines and immunoquery. Just wondering if someone had a short list to get some of the basics down.
Jul 24, 2009
I don't have one but maybe we can start something here:

Keratins are good for carcinomas:
--CK7 and CK20 (good for localizing potential sites of origin)

Smooth muscle markers:
--Smooth muscle actin

Vascular markers:

Hematopoietic markers:
--CD3: T-cells
--CD20: B-cells

Proliferation marker:

Tumor localization markers (the below are transcription factors so they display nuclear localization):
--TTF-1: thyroid or lung tumors
--CDX-2: GI tumors, especially great for ass cancer
--DPC/SMAD4: expression lost in about 50% pancreatic cancers according to the literature; however, empiric practice observation may vary.

Differentiation markers:
--Neuroendocrine: chromogranin, synaptophysin, CD56 might be controversial but works for small cell carcinomas.
--Thyroid: thyroglobulin
--Medullary carcinoma of thyroid: calcitonin
--Mesothelial: D240, calretinin, WT-1
--Prostate: PrSA, PrAP
--Germ cell markers: Oct3/4, SOX2, AFP (also stains some HCCs), PLAP, c-kit
--GISTs: CD34, c-kit, DOG1
--Serous carcinomas of the GYN tract: p53, WT-1
--Renal cell carcinomas: CD10, RCC antigen
--Sex cord stromal tumors of the ovary: inhibin
--Adrenal cortical tumors: inhibin
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