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IL MPJE - Problems with IDFPR


New Member
Jun 23, 2020
  1. Pharmacist
I'm incredibly frustrated with IDFPR and trying to obtain licensure by endorsement; I'm looking for any advice about what to do. I'm a pharmacist in MA starting a residency here and I used the inspect element trick to see I passed IL MPJE with an 82. I took my MPJE on June 6th and NABP confirms they sent my score via the NABP mutual portal on June 9th. I've been calling IDFPR since June 26th but no one in the department seems to be able to help me. They've told me about 8 or 9 times that someone would call me back - I've left voicemails for 2 different supervisors, still no call back. (No one has called me back one time, ever) IDFPR insists that they have not received my score and now I'm one month out and still no license. I'm at the end of my rope and don't know what to do. Anyone have experience or advice about how to proceed? I feel like I've tried everything.
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