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Feb 11, 2010
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Just when I thought this year was going well, I got my score back from my COMLEX 2-PE saying I failed.

This should sound familiar...but I'm completely shocked by this result. Our school does many video-taped reviews and patient encounters, and not once have I been told I've had major deficiencies in the area I failed: History taking and physical exam. The school even did a mock-PE a few months from when I took this exam (3 patients, same timing, OMM required on all), and the only thing I needed to work on was note organization which I passed on this attempt.

I'm currently applying to DO programs, but my main goal is to match MD Peds. My board scores made a big jump this year too...

COMLEX 1 - 515
COMLEX 2CE - 604

With all the money I'm going to spend re-taking this exam (already scheduled the closest retake in October), I'd like to ask what my chances still are of matching to an Allo Peds program (so I don't waste my time and money). I'm guessing not good :(