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Dec 9, 2003
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I know that most Dental/Medical school's require immunization for the safety of both healthcare practicioners and patients... when it comes to Veterinary school's does one require any vaccinations?

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Jul 10, 2002
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You will have to have proof of the regular MMR that you needed for undergrad. Tetanus maybe, I don't think I needed it for school, but I don't remember. Rabies, definately. If you don't get it before you start vet school, they will make you get it when you go. Here at Cornell, we got the series during the first few weeks of school first year (three shots) it's very expensive, at least it was here ($400 for three shots) so if you have the opportunity to get it before you go to school under some insurance, do that. We had titers drawn this year before we go into the clinics, and if your titer wasn't high enough you had to get a booster (they paid for it) Hope this helps.
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