Importance of Step 2 (CK) for Path


rock chalk jayhawk
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Feb 12, 2004
    heard many comments/rumors that unlike our friends in Int Med where their step 2 CK results are used and important for fellowships after their 3 years of residency,
    for PATH step 2 CK results are useless and NOT used in evaluating people for fellowships [and that all that matters is path boards].



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    Mar 21, 2004
    1. Attending Physician
      I SERIOUSLY doubt medicine fellowships give a damn about Step 2 scores. And most path fellowships are secured by residents LONG before path boards are taken. People apply for path fellowships 2 years before finishing residency.
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      Jul 24, 2004
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        Can't speak for IM, but a surgery intern just got on my tail to do well on Step 2 because her PGY-4 who'd returned from fellowship interviews reported that Step 2, 3 and even in-training exam scores were weighed.
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