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Apr 13, 2020
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    There are a lot of posts on here from freshman and sophomores trying to make sure they are doing "all the right things" for their medical school application. Often they get some useful advice such as "keep the GPA up" or "gain more clinical exposure" or "volunteer for people less fortunate than yourself". These are all wonderful and helpful tips. After working with a few dozen applicants, I really want to add one more tip: spend a few semesters seriously learning how to write.

    Go take a grammar class. Then take an expository writing class. Do your best to find a good instructor who will hold you accountable and ask you to revise and revise again. This will be time well spent when it comes to the application process (not to mention other parts of life). Furthermore, if you are into research, learn how to write about your science. First, read abstracts and papers. Then write a short summary of your own work and get it looked over by your direct mentor. Even if you work is not going to be published, this will be very helpful for writing the AMCAS Work and Activities.

    What do other med students, application readers, and adcoms think about this?
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    Jan 31, 2011
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      Please do this. Like it or not, written communication is a major part of medicine. Even if you never do any type of research, you will still need to write (or dictate) notes. Lots of concise, understandable notes. Writing skills are an essential component of medical practice.
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