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Welcome to the ITE keywords forum. Please limit your discussions to the ITE keywords only. Below is an alphabetical index of topics posted on this subforum. Please check here and/ or search for your keyword before adding a new thread. You can click on the link in this message to go directly to that topic. Please PM me if you have added a topic that does not appear on this list.

- APGAR Scoring
- Diuretics for the Boards
- Magnesium side effects
- Pacemaker nomenclature
- PaO2 temperature correction
- Recovery of Neuromuscular function in different muscles
- TPN: Phosphorus deficiency

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How should we post the info? I'd rather include it as text in the post (probably more likely to stimulate discussion if you don't have to download something). Any thoughts?

Id be happy to post my dierutics post that way but my presentation was 8 pages long with lots of pictures so It will take some time.
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