Indiana University Vs. Univ of Cincinnati

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Apr 16, 2005
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I am not from the midwest so I know nothing about these two programs. I don't like going on interviews at places that nobody I know has vouched for. I am wondering if any of you guys know much about these programs and can give me any advice on which one I should go to. They are not on the same day but I can only afford financially, and I think mentally, to go on one of these two. Thanks for any input you guys may have.

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I don't know anything about the Indiana program, but I am a fairly recent grad of the UC program. Granted, my info's a few years out of date. I would say that UC has a fairly well rounded program for its size, covering all subspecialties with very competant attendings. If you are ambitious and have a thick skin you'll do well there. However, if you need a nurturing, amiable environment in order to learn, you will not do well there. There are too many attendings who are simply a!!holes. Male residents tend to do better... I'm not sure if its actually sexism or just that they tend to be more agressive. I was also unhappy because I felt like I didn't get enough surgical experience (only 50 cataract cases) but this also is dependant on how "agressive" a resident is. Some would convince 20/30 vision patients to have cataract surgery, others would drive the patient home afterwards, etc. and build up 70-100 cases by the time they were done. I just felt like I shouldn't have to compromise my ideals in order to get proper experience in my residency. Good luck!
Thanks for the input on Cincinnati. I actually had already decided to interview at Indiana over UC so hopefully Indiana is a bit better.