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    I'm thinking about applying to Ross Univ. My overall gpa is 3.32, science 3.75 and I'm planning to take MCAT in april. Can anyone who is either attending Ross or already graduated from there tell me about student life at Ross. I also heard that their classes are very competitive and its hard to survive from that competition and their grading that true? and how hard is it to get a residency after graduating from Ross university, will i have to face some difficulties?? Also on their site they are talking about two campuses, one at portsmouth and another in dominica, I was wondering if students go to portsmouth or dominica campus for medical school. I would really appreciate it if anyone can answer these questions.
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    Well, I seem to be the only Ross student currently in Dominica who's active in this forum... so, I'll take a whack at answering your questions.

    If you are coming out of a strong school and you do well on the MCAT (30+), you should seriously consider Ross (or any other offshore program) as a "back-up option", and instead apply heavily in the U.S. This will save you a lot of heartache in the longrun.

    I would suggest reading this FAQ on one of the "unofficial" (and, in my opinion, best) Ross websites. It's pretty accurate:

    Also, see these threads (I've addressed a lot of your concerns already on various other posts):





    Yes, you must study if you come here. It is competitive. They've recently revised the grading system to the Hofstee system, which is used by many U.S. medical schools and recommended by the NBME. It is not as competitive as the "pure curve" system that they've changed from, but it also does away with the "curve riding" phenomenon. It is a much fairer system and will do a better job of separating the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. The student handbook says that up to 15% of students per class will likely fail at least one class during a semester. You can repeat the failed class, but you will have to re-take the semester.

    Again, if you study and know your stuff (and really want to be here), you will do fine.

    Not hard. But, about 70% of Ross grads go either FP or IM. Don't expect that you're going to get Derm or Neurosurgery - or even have a shot - if you come here. Then again, that is even phenomenally competitive coming from one of the U.S. schools.

    There is only one campus. The island is Dominica (da-min-EEK-uh), and the town it is in is Portsmouth. To further confuse things, it is in the Picard area of Portsmouth.

    If you still have any questions, PM me and let me know. I pretty much live on this forum. :)


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