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Inpatient/Outpatient ratio


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Aug 25, 2003
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How does an MS3/4 find out about the proportion of inpatient vs. outpatient months at each particular program, also the strengths and weaknesses of each program... is it a hunt on your own or is there some sort of database available?


There's no database per se but ACGME requires at least 12 months of inpatient and 12 months of outpatient. Consults and EMG months don't count for either. So the variability is not as extreme as you would think. Also, if there's continuity clinic or any outpatient time during the rotation, are carrying less patients during the rotation, vacation/sick/conference time, all count as less than full time equivalent inpatient.

So most programs have at least 12-14months of "inpatient" rotations to meet the requirements.

If you want info about specific programs, you can either contact the program via program coordinator, or find a mentor on the AAPMR mentor database at that program. (or pm someone on sdn at that program)
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