Insite into SGU

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Apr 4, 2004
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I was looking for some information about SGU other than what you read on the website. Such as: is it clean? are the people really as nice as you read about? do you meet students from all other countries or are they mainly US citizens? Overall did you enjoy the experience there and would you do it again? Would you recommend the school to others? Thanks and if there is anything else I didn't cover that would be great too!! :)

I am traveling there this summer and needless to say a bit scared! :scared:

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..insight, not "insite." :)
I just finished the Basic Sciences at SGU, and will be starting in NYC for clinicals this Fall.

Grenada is pretty nice. The campus is gorgeous. I didn't live in the dorms, but the new ones are pretty small for two people. It worked out better for me to live off campus for the entire 4 terms there; if you really dislike your living situation, there should be no problems finding a place off campus (you CAN live off campus first term, despite what the school tells you).

I've found that the campus is generally kept up pretty well, although students tend to start abusing the facilities (especially restrooms for some reason) once the term starts going.

I think the school tends to sugar-coat things--especially how nice the people are. Don't get me wrong, I really had no problems with anyone. One thing you learn while being down there is that being patient and pleasant goes a long way! I guess many of the Grenadians get annoyed with students, especially the immature ones who complain at length about being there. It is a third world country, after all!

The academics are pretty rigorous (as with any medical school), but definitely doable. I heard a lot of horror stories about medical school and how you'll never sleep--total B.S. If you keep up with your work, there's no reason why you can't get a good amount of sleep. It takes a little while to develop your own study style, but once you find what works for you, you should be ok.

I'm getting ready to take the USMLE in July, and so far I feel that I am well prepared. SGU has an excellent reputation for first time pass rates on Step 1 (the most recent class had a pass rate of 92%), as well as for its educational program overall. I don't regret going there.

Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions--I know what it's like to start your journey down there, and it can be frightening. But you can do it (esecially if I did)! And yes, I've met students from all over (India, Kenya, Bahamas, U.K., Czech republic, Egypt, USA, Canada, Caribbean...)

Good Luck!
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Its hardly anything to be scared about; but i remember feeling the same way of course. Youll do fine. Its like most new things in live, just hotter.
The place is clean and the people are nice in general. As it was in my college, there are cultural tensions that do exist between the locals and the students. Most of it is lowgrade but evey now and then something pops up. I recall when i was a student a gay student put up a flier on campus for a G&L meet and greet. Well we found out the hard way that grenadians do not tolerate homosexuality. So there were a lot of editorials, some students trying to "teach" grenadians enlightenment and some very angry grenadians who didnt like guests on their island violating there laws. But even then it wasn't like there were open hostilities or it was uncomfrotabel. It blew over as these things always do. Lesson? The usual multicultural problems but by and large its ok.Yes there are folks from everywhere on the campus, yes I had a blast, and yes I would do it again and recomemend it to someone who didnt get into school in the US.
Good luck.S
Thanks so much! This has helped to ease some of my worries and probably create new ones but that's okay!!! Thank you again.