interested in military medicine

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Jun 12, 2009
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there are probably a million threads on this,but there can be a million and one now :). i'm a high school senior particularly interested in joining the military to mainly pay for college. i was curious on which branch would be the best. navy, airforce? please if you say one, tell why it is best. i'm rather ignorant on this subject and just recently looking to the military as i am in a rut in my current living situation. thanks in advanced!

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HPSP helps pay for medical school not undergrad, you should look up a thread for maybe ROTC
If you want undergrad paid for, I would recommend the National Guard. You would have to go in as enlisted though, but if you go to a state school you can have all tuition paid for and get the GI Bill, which can be as much about $650/month (I did this) plus monthly drill pay. So then you would have to decide army or air guard. Honestly, Air Guard is probably your safer bet- less likely to get deployed, but check out the base's history of activation. When I joined my unit was activated twice, once for 9/11 and before that in 1961, or something like that. Upon completion of a bachelor's degree you are eligible to become an officer. At that point you can decide whether you love the military so much and want to go active duty or stay in the Guard (one weekend a month, two weeks a year). Check out the ASR (med student recruiter program) or HSPC. As for active duty for now, if you go active duty now you will get housing, etc. and can still go to school part time. I have been in the Air Guard and I recommend Air Force for active duty, mainly because I don't know how the other branches will treat you. But I have heard that army basic training is more physically challenging than AF, but the AF is more mentally challenging. I am in the Army NG now as an officer and like it so far. It is up to you.