Interested in Neuro and FM, how to set up my third year?

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Sep 17, 2017
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I am an M3 at a 1-year preclinical program so second year was core clerkships and 3rd is now electives, sub-Is, aways, etc. I am very interested in Neuro and FM… I know they’re very different but each has components I love and I can see myself being happy in either I think.

I am doing 2 Neuro electives (no sub-Is in Neuro offered) this year, and I had a core rotation in M2. I’m also doing an IM sub-I, and an IM ICU sub-I. However I don’t want to apply to FM—if it comes to that—and have programs think they’re just backups. If I switch to an FM sub-I, I’ve heard Neuro programs may not appreciate that.

I’m on the FM interest group leadership board… which I know doesn’t mean too much but I guess I have that. My med school research is Neuro and DEI involved so I could spin it either way.

I’m asking this now because I have a chance to change my schedule in the coming months and I want to be sure I optimize my time.

Any recommendations?

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Would you be able to do one IM sub-I and one FM sub-I? An IM sub-I would definitely be helpful for adult neurology (as you'll need to apply to IM prelim years as well), but if you're considering FM, it only makes sense to have a sub-I in that field as well.

It's unfortunate that your school doesn't have any neuro sub-Is, but electives will have to suffice. I'd make sure at least one of your electives gives you exposure to outpatient neurology, since a lot of neurology happens in the outpatient setting (and, given your interest in FM, may be more up your alley as well).
An inpatient wards or ICU IM sub-I will be adequate for neuro if you are also doing neuro electives.

Ideally you will decide which field you want to go into soon. In terms of FM sub-I, some neuro places may ask you about it, but some probably won't. I don't think you can seriously err either way.