Interesting Case Studies/Patient?

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This thread is meant for discussing any interesting case studies or patients that you as a medical student, intern, resident, or attending Physician have noticed throughout your training or practice. In complying with StudentDoctor Network's Terms of Service, I do not want this thread to be interpreted as supplying with medical advice. This leads me to ask...

So, in your medical practice or training, did you ever have a patient that left everyone stumped? Or maybe a patient that had a 360 degree turnaround, and against all odds, received a significantly improved prognosis then previously expected?


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Jun 17, 2014
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Don't think you'll get many responses in the pre-medical section
Agreed, just post in the medical student section?

Apparently, it's because OP is a premed and isn't allowed to post up (in medical student/residency etc. forums). Residents/attendings can post in preallo forums so the thread is fine here.
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