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Dec 6, 2008
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Hello, I am still a n00b for SDN, which is a great source to research my career path.

Let me introduce myself first.

I came to United State when I was 16 years old as an exchange student in Pennsylvania. After a year, I came to California to keep pursue my high school education. Since I was not good at English, they put me in as 10th grade when I was 18 years old. During my junior year, I decided to get the hell out of high school and get GED then go to Community College since it would be waste of time and money (I went to Private School).

To be honest, I didn't know what to do after I came to Community College. I researched what I wanted to do. I came up with either RN or Pharmacist.

What does take to beomce a RN in US?

Also, I heard RN field needs some male workerk, so being a male could be an advantage?

Thank you.

julie walker

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Apr 19, 2003
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You need to browse the internet to find school and their requirements. All schools do not demand the same prerequisites. There are many schools out there just do your research.
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