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Intersting Question on Acceptance


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Jun 27, 2006
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OKay guys, I know all the schools are independent of each other but I think they do communicate with each other as far as acceptances. Has anyone put a deposit on a school early in the process and not heard of any other schools after, although you may have applied to more than one school? Some grad friends of mine in NY claim there is an "underground" system where schools communicate to each other when somone confirms a seat, that way seats from other schools are left vacant for other students. We also have to realize that each student is worth $25,000-$33,000 and I am sure all schools want to make sure they get a full class. I have 2 pre-optometry friends who are well qualified and well rounded candidates who are on this boat where they accepted seats early in the process and have not heard anything from other schools. I too accepted a seat at ICO and interviewed at PCO and thought everthing went very well with them and they have yet to make a decision on me. I had a complete file with them since Dec. 20th so it is interesting to me..I also had pretty decent OAT scores. No wonder they often ask in the interview what schools you applied too...hmm..

Just a thought.


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Aug 31, 2006
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i don't really think this is the case from my own experience. i was accepted to SUNY in early Oct 2006 and immediately put down my $500 deposit (in case i didn't get into anywhere else/anywhere closer to home). I later interviewed for Pacific Univerisity and was notified of acceptance a month and a half later; I also put down a deposit for this one (closer to home). Later, I heard back from UCBSO within three weeks.

However, I think a concern might be how to get back those deposits....:confused:
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