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Oct 27, 2001
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I have an interview at U of H. I am very nervous and anxious. What kind of questions are asked? What is the written essay about?
Any tips! Thank you so much


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Apr 25, 2001
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The interview is VERY laid back.. definitely nothing to stress over. You got to the interview round, the hard part is done for the most part. The questions are just to see if you can hold a conversation with an interviewer (usually a faculty member and a UHCO student). They just asked me quesions about my hobbies, what I like to read, the prerequisite why optometry? question.

The written essay is nothing to worry about. You get forty five minutes to write and most of us were done in twenty. The question last year was about two candidates for mayor and their qualifications and which one would you pick and why. See, nothing you can study or prep for. They're not looking for a write or wrong answer, just how you communicate in words. That's all.

After all that fun you'll have a tour of the school where people can answer your questions.. then you'll have lunch (usually bbq) Mmmmm .

If you have other questions feel free to ask. Are you interviewing on the 10th? I've heard from one other person from Baylor who's interviewing then too. Good luck! And remember, they just want to get to know you.. (not the you they already know on paper) :D


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Jun 3, 2001
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I was wondering about the same thing, what is the point of giving you essay writing in your interview day? Don't we write enough essays during the application process? Or may be that is because they don't have essay Q on OAT :rolleyes:
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