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Dec 15, 2008
    Hi, I'm a high school student and I've recently joined this site in hopes of someone, particularly someone in this field or a student in the field of psychiatry, to interview for an I-Search paper.

    Some of the questions are below. Just send me a a private message if you're interested. I will greatly appreciate it. What would be more convenient is to send me an email at ___________

    1. What branch or subspecialty of the field of psychiatry did you want to focus on, or are focusing on?

    2. Many people have a special time in their life that heavily influences a person's future. Did you have that or were you just drawn to the field? Why?

    3. What was the greatest experience you had during residency, medical school...?

    4. How do you develop that doctor-patient relationship?

    5. What other areas than medical does a person have to excel in to pursue a career in psychiatry?

    6. Has being a psychiatrist or student in that field bring about other opportunities?

    7. During graduate or undergraduate studying, what research did you have to do?
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