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Interview Invitation After Academic Update?


Full Member
Aug 21, 2012
Has anyone been invited for an interview after academic update? I know the aacpmas says schools have real time access to grades one they are verified, but do I have to call the schools and ask them to re-evaluate my appp or will that happen by itself?

i just didnt know if my whole app is sent so schools look at it like i have never applied before or they just see updated grades and dont care enough to call you in for an interview if you wee previously dclined?


Full Member
7+ Year Member
Oct 17, 2011
  1. Podiatrist
Can you please specify your event chronology so that we are all on exactly the same page? If I understand it correctly: you applied to a school (which school), you were declined without an interview, you have updated your coursework (I assume to include fall semester grades), and you are wondering if a school that has already declined you will review your application again taking into account the update. Please confirm if that is correct or explain if not. Which school? Additionally, what are your statistics according to the submission service and what is your MCAT (if multiple times list all and breakdown).
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