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Dec 10, 2014
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Earlier on my SubI in November I only had two interviews for psych. A fourth year resident I got along great with said he would be my advocate and write letters to whoever I like based on my performance and work ethic on the SubI. I also just completed a psych elective where I got along great with the physician. My initial thought was to add another LOR to my application and have the 4th year personally write program coordinators to the few programs I interviewed to better my chances. Well I got up to 8 interviews luckily, which is no guarantee and feel much better. The 4th year resident has a letter written and I just need to give him the emails to shoot them off too. Is it okay to send to program directors or is that against the rules, or look bad? Should I just send them to the program coordinators of the programs and have them forward as they see fit?

And for the LOR. I only have 1 psych LOR that I think is pretty generic. My other letters were good and interviewers commented on them. Is it worth updating with another LOR in the specialty so that I come up on program's radars right before match, or is it unnecessary and asking too much of the doc that I just rotated with?

I'm really wanting psych and so was going to do whatever to better my chances. With few interview I heard an advocate is a good way to go, but others said an attending letter is going to hold a lot more weight. Should I do one, both, or neither? At this point, probably in by early February, would it have an impact on rank list? Thanks for the input.
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